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The premises first opened on July 19th, 1997.  Still hanging on the wall to the left of the cash register, is a framed receipt- the first one ever issued- for a cup of coffee. During the first two years of their marriage, Benni and his wife Maurizia lived upstairs where the bookshop is now located. Then everything changed. Benni is not new to the role of restaurateur; along with his mother and his sister Rita,  he had previously run “Possi e Benni”, a pub which served food. That was back in the days when he was studying for his degree in textile/chemical engineering- a choice based not so much on a sense of vocation as on a desire to get ahead. For some time afterwards, he worked in this field which,  on occasion, involved travelling abroad.  However, lifelong passions die hard. And so, building on an idea which he nurtured in common with his sister Rita – who backed the bookshop project- Benni got back to his familiar working roots. The building where the premises are located was bought way back in 1965 by his parents who, with high hopes, had left the city of Benevento for Biella to take up a steady job in Piazzo.

Who We Are

Biella Piazzo - Piazza Cucco, 10/b 13900 - Biella - Tel./Fax 015 26342 - P.IVA 01887830022 - C.F. PSSBNT67T11A859Z
Who We Are

In those times the medieval quarter was a working-class area but, little by little, the population moved further down towards the town. Benni and his parents stayed on however, partly due to the fact that his father, a builder by trade, was able to renovate the XVI century building. Benni and Maurizia have come a long way since then. Benni is to be found behind the counter, entertaining guests and helping to make them feel at home. (His picture could recently be seen on electoral placards around Biella, resembling a new version of Forrest Gump- and he was duly elected to the Town Council). Maurizia, on the other hand, directs from behind the scenes where she excels in the art of traditional and home cooking  and, by means of her creativity and expertise, adds a touch of class to every dish.

It is really worthwhile spending an evening in their company- and not only on account of the first rate food; as the saying goes: the natural warmth, which they are able to communicate, is simply priceless.

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