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Where We Are

Biella Piazzo - Piazza Cucco, 10/b 13900 - Biella - Tel./Fax 015 26342 - P.IVA 01887830022 - C.F. PSSBNT67T11A859Z
Where We Are

Our premises are located in Biella’s old town, the quarter known as “Biella Piazzo”.

By far the best way to reach us is to take the funicular railway in Piazza Curiel off Via Pietro Micca. The carpark, situated on the lower level of the funicular,  is free, spacious and convenient.

The funicular runs from early morning until midnight (Sunday thru Thursday), and service is extended until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  

Tickets, bought at the special pay-station located on the upper level, cost €0.50 and are valid for three hours. (Children less than a metre tall travel free; height can be measured by referring to the ticket-seller’s counter).

Alternatively, you can reach us by car; traffic is permitted until midnight on weekdays. You are advised, however, to park in the spacious, free, multistorey car park if you are approaching from Via Mentegazzi and Via Ivrea; those approaching from the Oropa Sanctuary side should park in the car park on the Bottalino slope.