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Passion is the main ingredient in our job, and we inject generous portions of it into everything we do. Here with us, you can experience a pleasant, informal, warm and friendly atmosphere, in a setting which is country-style combined with retro. We regard each of our customers as special, and helping each one relax is for us a priotity. What we have to offer is not only food for the body, but also- and above all- for the spirit.

Every moment spent with us is a moment to be savoured. While waiting for your order to be served you may wish to leaf through a book, or perhaps take a look at the latest book reviews printed on your menu card. Alternatively you may prefer to browse around

Our Philosophy

Biella Piazzo - Piazza Cucco, 10/b 13900 - Biella - Tel./Fax 015 26342 - P.IVA 01887830022 - C.F. PSSBNT67T11A859Z
Our Philosophy

the upstairs bookshop, as you sip an apéritif in the company of friends.

Your dog is very welcome to visit us too, and if he’s thirsty, may avail of our special, pets’ drinking trough.


Our mission is to bestow our very warmest welcome to all those who honour us with their presence. Our true wealth is to be found in our hearts, and if we manage to warm yours, even for just one evening… well then, we will have done a perfect job!