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Certain places inspire us to silence, as though for some inexplicable reason they demand that we pay a tribute of respect. So it happens that, even if up to now we have felt free to laugh and joke, as we approach the place in question, we instinctively lower our voices, cast our eyes about in exploration of every detail and walk on tiptoe so as not to disturb.

La Civetta” (“Little Owl”) is one of these places. Voices, muffled, reach up to us from another place which seems profane and vibrant. Nourishment for the spirit- condensed into white pages furrowed by precise, black lines- seems somewhat out of keeping with the restaurant we have just walked through, with its aromas that inebriate the senses and gratify the palate. Here, however, we simply have to pause. The theme is more subtle, the music changes, the tone is lighter and the soul begins to dance.


Books by Night

Biella Piazzo - Piazza Cucco, 10/b 13900 - Biella - Tel./Fax 015 26342 - P.IVA 01887830022 - C.F. PSSBNT67T11A859Z
Books by Night

The book-seller will greet you with her warmest smile, while discreetly assisting you in your choice, advising you and dispelling any doubts you may have. And if the saying is true that money spent on a book is money well-spent, well, here with us it is even truer: for every purchase made in the bookshop you will receive a corresponding 10% discount on food and drink.

So what are you waiting for? Come up and visit us - the Civetta’s ‘books by night’ are expecting you…..

To some people, this might seem an excessive description, but these really are the sensations experienced by anyone visiting us on the first floor. In our bookshop you can find absolutely everything, ranging from children’s books to those on macrobiotic cooking, from the classics to the latest bestsellers. You can sit in the little café just beyond the counter, sipping a cup of good coffee while you glance through that book you’d been searching for for ages. Or maybe roam among the bookstands, taking inspiration from a brightly-coloured cover or a captivating title.